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The things that you know that always want to do it but your mind always work too much!
After all the thing that I went through, now I know the hikmah (wisdom or the good side of it) of reaaalllly relying on Allah and believe that He is Truly The Planner. Alhamdulillah. Being here in a medical college that just starts to spread out its wings, I am really grateful for being here. My friends here treat me like a family and they made me feel like Im belong here. Yes, there is loopside here and there but happy enough to say that I feel content and happy. and Damai (peace)!
Just wanna shared a program that I was asked to join. Haha.
First Slot : Amar Makhruf Nahi Mungkar for Doctors by Mister Amin (p/s : we called it mister as he is a surgeon specialist kot)
Second Slot : Kewajipan Berjemaah
Third Slot : Tasawuf Tarbiyah
I am the kind who always excited to hear all those doctors’ experiences. Yes, I really value that and a kind of booster-spirit-serum to survive in medicine. He shared when he wa…