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You are your own enemy

Back then in my first clinical posting which is General Surgery posting, I was impulsed to an advice that Ms.S told me, ''you are your own worst enemy''. This is one of the advice that really hit me at that time. In the end, the one that we should really blame is ourselves who sometimes might not push enough to the limit. We all know the one person in life those who tend to blame everything except themselves. (Did you just imagine that person? Yes, I did! Haha) 
Apart from just completed my Paediatric posting that I found many interesting parts in it, I don't have any other else things that I preoccupied in it. That's how medicine has done to me. It shoves all others interest except struggling in paediatrics wards, developing skills to talks nicely to patients especially to the mothers and fathers and clinical skills. Is this me in depression that talking?
This is going to be so boring. Again and again, talking about my clinical life and for somehow, it will be t…

bebels 2017

next week dah start posting baru. peadiatrics. ngee! seram! dan macam kebiasaannyalah time posting break lah kau boleh start berblogging pon. itulah kalau tetiba ada rasa nak rant on something. baru selamat survive dua posting yang penuh air mata gugur di kertas-kertas nota A4 dan kadang-kadang atas Kumar and Clark's, yang aku rasa macam lambat macam sloth nak habiskan satu2 posting. tapi rasa macam kejap like you are passing methane gas pon ado. 
dalam minggu2 posting ni, mesti ada satu minggu yang kau jadi stress, baca buku teriak sat, lap2 air mata baru boleh study balik. huh? nampak kan stress dia tu? and how I cope with this too much overwhelming stress, i will text my beloved friends. sebab kadang2 kita stress bukan nak solution ke hapa bila call, just want a shoulder to lie on. ceywah. tak dak la. just dont want to keep to bottle up all the emotion. kang explode naya.
long case aku last medical posting hari tu. aku present bronchial asthma. the diagnosis is acute axacerbat…